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The EU Package Travel Directive gives you many EU-wide rights when you book a package holiday. European Consumer Centres offer holiday advice on these rights and free help if you have problems with a tour operator or travel agency
based in another EU country, Iceland or Norway.

You have EU package travel rights if:

(1) you booked a package which includes at least two of the following:

1icon transport

1icon accommodation

1icon other tourist services which are a substantial part of the package (for example, windsurfing instruction or a ski pass for the duration of your holiday)


 (2) the service covers more than 24 hours or includes an overnight stay.

Your main package travel rights:

(1) Right to information

1icon Any brochure you receive must provide clear and accurate details, including e.g. the price, transport, type of accommodation, meal plan.

1icon Before you sign the contract, the organiser must inform you in writing about passport, visa and health formalities.

1icon Before you start the journey, you must get in writing contact details of their local representative or an emergency telephone number, and information on optional insurance or assistance contracts.

(2) Right to transfer your package to someone else

1icon      (3) Right to a guaranteed price

1icon The price of your holiday package cannot change unless the contract allows this (but even in that case the price change may only be related to variations in transport costs, taxes or chargeable fees and exchange rates).

(4) Right to cancel

1icon If there is a significant change to the package content, you can cancel the contract without penalty or accept a change to the contract.

(5) Right to an alternative package or reimbursement

1icon If you decide to cancel (see 4 above), you can choose between an alternative package or reimbursement. You may also be entitled to additional compensation.

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