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Whether you are shopping in Europe when abroad or from your home, you have EU-wide rights as a consumer. European Consumer Centres offer you free advice on these rights, and other practical advice on how to avoid problems abroad.

Consumer advice on travel and shopping in Europe

When you travel in Europe, you will often buy your travel and holiday services from a seller based in another country: for example, a local branch of a car rental company or a foreign tour operator. You will also shop in the local stores.

But you may also want to buy products or services online from abroad: shopping around on the EU-wide market can be a good idea as it often means money savings and a greater choice.

This site contains basic advice on the most popular consumer topics handled daily by the network of European Consumer Centres.

You can get detailed online advice on specific consumer topics from your Centre.

Check also for more advice on your EU-wide consumer rights on Your Europe.

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