Mobile Roaming in Europe



Own a mobile phone? Going away on holiday or business in Europe? Do you know what your mobile phone provider will charge you for using your mobile phone while out of the CY? Calls made or received on a mobile after July 2011 have come down in price, following new EU rules.

Roaming in Europe

Thanks to the Roaming Regulations introduced by the European Commission, a limit has been placed on the amount you can be charged for using your mobile phone for voice calls in Europe. This means it is now cheaper to call home when you’re on holiday or away on business.


A ‘Eurotariff’ is available from the Roaming Regulations, and these Regulations provide that mobile roaming per call (excluding VAT) should not exceed €0.43 for an outgoing phone call and €0.19 for an incoming one.

However, the prices for sending a text message (SMS message) or downloading data while abroad are still seen as being very high. This has caused consumers to get a shock when they have got home and have received their mobile phone bill.

To send a text message within your home country currently costs around 5 to 15 Eurocent per SMS. However, as soon as you cross a border to another EU country, the price goes up dramatically. Sending a text message from abroad costs on average 29 Eurocents and can go up to 80 Eurocents. Sending an SMS from abroad can cost between 3 and 10 times more than at home!

For other data roaming services, such as browsing the internet or downloading music, consumers can pay on average €4.98 to download 1 Megabyte while abroad. In some cases, the charges are even higher than €16 Euro per MB. On average, a consumer pays €15 to download a song when roaming, €10 to download a PowerPoint presentation or €1 to €2 to download a single newspaper article. Compared to domestic tariffs, the difference is striking: consumers rarely pay €1 to download 1 Megabyte at home!

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